Juli J
Ithaca, NY
September 23, 2020

Taryn Schwartz was very helpful throughout the mortgage process. She gave me information I requested quickly and accurately.
She answered questions in a clear and clarifying manner.
She was friendly and overall provided excellent customer service!


Carson A.
Ithaca, NY
August 7, 2020

From prequalification to close Taryn provided excellent service. I initially reached out to Taryn for a prequalification after hours. She immediately responded and had the document over to me within 24 hours.

She kept me up to date throughout the entire process and was extremely accessible. We were able to beat the target close date with no issues. Taryn made it an easy process and I would use her again for future mortgage loan needs.


Ben O.
August 2, 2020

My wife and I worked with Taryn when we bought our house. Taryn is extremely easy to work with. She is responsive, helpful, and honest.

We felt like she was really looking out for our interests. We couldn't have asked for a better mortgage lender experience!
Thanks, Taryn!!!


Whitney A.
Ithaca, NY
June 3, 2020

Highly Recommend!! Helpful, Fast, and Super Friendly!

I cannot say enough positive things about working with Taryn at ESB. We had low expectations of getting approved for a home refinance due to some blemishes on our credit report. She made the process so simple, is responsive, helpful, and knows how to help you get approved!!

She is an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to using her again if we ever buy another home.


Chloe A.
Ithaca, NY
June 1, 2020

We worked with Taryn to finance a home purchase in Ithaca, NY. She was incredible. Quick, professional, and knowledgeable.

Taryn inspired a lot of confidence during an otherwise challenging process (we were out-of-town buyers trying to close during a global pandemic!).
Could not recommend her and ESB more!


Ithaca, NY
May 29, 2020

Taryn was spectacular from the first moment I walked in asking for a mortgage. She was clear, honest, and readily available to answer our questions, and we had a lot!

She represented her bank very well!


Vivian L
May 5, 2020

Simply put, Taryn is the best! She is wholly competent, friendly, and on top of things.
She's always available and responsive.

Taryn's knowledge of the mortgage products available and the loan process is unparalleled and I trust her completely.
We've worked with Taryn on two transactions so far and would absolutely choose to work with her again.

Thank you!


Bath, NY
May 1, 2020

I can not say enough about how great Taryn was!
This is my first mortgage and she was informative and prompt to answer any questions I had.
Overall, she walked me through the process without any issue and made it an enjoyable experience.
Even after she was done with her end she continued to check in to see if I needed any help! Taryn is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.
Thanks so much Taryn, I would definitely recommend!


Michael C
Ithaca, NY
March 10, 2020

“I can't recommend ESB enough if you're looking for a mortgage for a home.

They were able to qualify us for a larger sum than other local banks and were way more pleasant to interact with as well. Taryn Schwartz was incredibly helpful and had endless patience when answering all the questions I had as a first-time buyer, and she also comes highly recommended by multiple prominent people involved in real estate and home insurance in Ithaca.”


Ithaca, NY
March 5, 2020

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Taryn Schwartz at Elmira Savings!

She is extremely conscientious, professional, and knowledgeable, and she provided great assistance with every step of the process, which was particularly invaluable to a first-time home buyer like me.

The whole team at Elmira is stellar, including BriAnn Schweitzer as well, and they patiently helped at every turn. This was particularly great because my job is based overseas, but they really worked with me.
Great customer service, and an all-around great experience. It has made me an even bigger believer in using local banks whenever possible.


Erin G.
Trumansburg, NY
December 17, 2019

Taryn was great to work with. She was super helpful in breaking down all of the options and she responded quickly to all of our questions. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and will be recommending her to our family and friends!


Pat M.
Trumansburg, NY
December 15, 2019

I have worked with Taryn several different times during the last few years and I can say she is an extremely genuine professional that makes you feel like you are her only customer. Special or time sensitive information came in the form of a phone call or text later in the evenings or on weekends. Usually those communications were my preference, based on conversations we had about what was important to me and what could wait.

Taryn is so knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics in the mortgage industry, I rarely ever heard her say "let me get back to you", she typically knew what questions I would have based on the information she was gong to present to me and was prepared with answers.

However, I did put Taryn in a difficult situation once..... I was just finishing my divorce and was referred to her because Jim Shippy had retired and I wanted to stay with ESB. I came to Taryn with all my documents and a big expectation that I was going to get right back on my feet. We sat down twice and Taryn really poured over the paperwork trying to find a way that I could afford a new home for me and my children. When I came back, Taryn had taken the time to prepare several different mortgage plans. It was obvious I couldn't afford a home. The thought of a bank saying no was a huge blow to my ego and my overall feeling of moving on. Taryn presented the information in a kind and sincere way to me, letting me know it wasn't "over" and that I could be back on top soon. Tayrn spend quite a while explaining how I could rebound my credit score, eliminate my divorce and credit card debt, and prepare for a new home purchase as soon as possible. She encouraged me to keep moving forward and to contact her when I was ready.

So, naturally when the time came I went back, not necessarily to ESB, but to Taryn, my knowledgeable, caring friend that would tell the good or the bad news without making me feel like I was "unable". The time I spent over the last two years, following some of her tips and working towards financial independence was difficult and rewarding.

I closed in August and I was happy to make that seamless transition with Taryn's assistance. If I have the opportunity to work with a Mortgage Lender again it will be Taryn!


Bill O.
Trumansburg, NY
December 15, 2019

I’d give Taryn 5 stars. She was available whenever I needed her. She always responded promptly. She was very professional, and she worked out a great deal for us!


Ithaca, NY
December 13, 2019

Taryn was an absolute dream to work with. From the moment I called her, she was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. As a first-time home buyer I was nervous to go through the mortgage process and Taryn met that nervousness with options, understanding, and continual non-judgment. It was a huge relief and made the entire process a positive experience. I would highly recommend her and the entire team at ESB to anyone looking into buying a home!


Eric D
Horseheads, NY
December 13, 2019

My wife and I have used Taryn twice now for buying our first house and our current house. She makes it unbelievably simple and fast. On almost all my inquires during the home buying process she is done with her part and it's back in my email the same day. The buyers of our last house used Quicken Loans and it took them every day of the allotted 60 days for them to get everything done. With Taryn we've been around the 30 day mark both times. She is really good at what she does!


Erica J.
Freeville, NY

Taryn was the second lender I worked with and she made my life so easy. So much easier than the original lender from another bank. She answered all of my tedious questions and helped me find a reasonable lending solution. I can't recommend her enough. Please don't hesitate to use her services. She also helps explain confusing lender information in human understandable terms. She's aces!


Mike B.
December 13, 2019

ESB and Taryn are the BEST! Taryn is incredibly professional and makes it such an easy process. Takes the stress right out of it. ESB is top notch. We got locked in at an amazing interest rate!


Jeremy T.
Ithaca, NY
December 13, 2019

Taryn was a great help in completing a lot of paperwork on my approved ESB new construction loan. Very kind, professional, and helpful. She has my recommendation.


Phillip D
Odessa, NY
December 13, 2019

Taryn is very professional and easy to trust. She operates with transparency so that you do not need to question whether there are hidden obstacles or challenges. She communicates punctually and clearly. I have already recommended her to friends and will continue to recommend her in the future. I will request her business again the next time I am buying a property as well.


Tiffany W
Brooktondale, NY
December 12, 2019

Taryn is the sole reason we had a stress-free and enjoyable first home buying experience! She is approachable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and down to earth. She promptly responds quickly to any questions and provides great education so you aren't hit with surprises along the way. We felt she acted in our best interest and wouldn't think twice about working with her again. She is amazing!


Mark T.
San Francisco

Finding a mortgage lender is quite easy thanks to the internet but understanding all the terms, comparing a myriad of products and then getting the best customer support is intensive. We solicited proposals from 4 lenders asking for an aggressive deadline. While all 4 were polite, informed and responsive, Taryn Schwartz bested them all. She returned telephone calls immediately, day or night; same for emails and text. The importance of timely communication cannot be overstated as most mortgage negotiations are conducted remotely and under time constraints. Taryn made this part of the process the easiest. Of course, even the best customer service must be a function of a good product, and Elmira Savings offered the most competitive and diverse portfolio. Taryn shepherded us through the selection, application and closing processes without meeting us once, yet we felt like we were working right beside her.


Anthony C

We cannot thank you for all of your hard work in helping us secure the financing to purchase our new home. To say we love and are so excited it is an understatement. We are very excited to complete moving in and to make it all our own. We realize (especially me!) that we probably made you crazy with all of our stresses, questions, and concerns. To make it happen, from start to finish , in under a month is nothing short of remarkable and you are to be commended and thanked more than simple words can provide.We will definitely be recommending you guys to anyone we know looking for low-cost, easy financing to buy a home.


Amy K

After I purchased my new home, my financial adviser recommended I speak with Taryn about financing a kitchen and bathroom remodel. I was hesitant to do so as I have a very good relationship with my bank in Cortland, but I am so glad I called her!! Taryn was very patient answering all of my questions. She met with me on a Saturday morning as I work full time and have a part-time job. She was always available to answer a question, be it by phone, email, or text. I emailed her a question on a Friday evening (only because I knew I would forget to do so by Monday), I was shocked that she replied a little while later. That’s Taryn! Professional, courteous, down to earth, and just plain nice. She kept me updated every step of the way and the result was a smooth closing!
I can’t thank Taryn enough for all she did for me. She is a great ambassador for Elmira Savings Bank.


Stacy P

Taryn was so great to work with...She emailed me every single day and was right on top of everything for me. Any time I had a question she responded very quickly. I would recommend Taryn Schwartz to anyone, very professional and doesn't skip a beat. Thank you so much Taryn for making the whole process pretty simple for us.


Kelly S

We worked with Taryn to finance the build of our forever home. I cannot say enough good things about her and her unparalleled customer service. Taryn's willingness to walk us through the process and explain each step was so very much appreciated. She was always available to answer questions and usually within minutes of emailing we would receive a response. Her in depth and intimate knowledge of the entire lending process and all of her products was quite impressive and she was always extremely kind and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Taryn to anyone looking to finance an existing home or build a new one as we did.

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